This class includes instruction in jazz, ballet, acro, and free movement and is geared at the energetic  2 1/2 to 3-year-old. Students learn musicality, rhythm, and movement while socializing with other students their age. The program uses games and imagination to teach dance technique skills in a fun atmosphere. This class is a 1/2 hour per week and runs for the ten month season as well as in session format where students sign up for a designated time frame. These students do not participate in our year-end showcase at the theatre; however, they do have multiple watching weeks, “bring a friend” classes, and a year-end performance and graduation that takes place at the studio.

Dress Requirement: Students are required to wear a dance bodysuit of their choice (any style or color) and may also wear a fun dance skirt or dance shorts. Leg warmers and dance tights of any color may also be worn. Hair should be worn slicked back in a dance ponytail or ballet bun. Please have your child’s bangs off their face. Male students should wear a white or black tee shirt along with a black pair of shorts or sweats, depending on the weather.

Shoe Requirement: Students in this class may purchase Bloch full sole ballet slippers; however, as they do not perform in the year-end showcase and at this age, their feet grow quickly, we suggest a mock ballet slipper or bare feet for this particular class.