If you are searching for a dance studio where your child can have fun, learn about movement, and grow to be inspired by the arts, it’s time to give us a call! In our blog, we look forward to covering the various benefits of training professionally in a dance studio where the instructors are both knowledgeable and encouraging.


From ballet to tap, jazz to contemporary, our dancers learn how to control their bodies and express themselves through movement. We hope to provide residents of Airdrie with the tools they need to grow as dancers and performers, as well as inspiring a lifelong love of dance and movement!

  1. How to Help Your Child With Stage Fright

    If you have ever gotten in front of a big group of people, you know how frightening it can be. While your child may happily dance around your living room, their bedroom, or at our dance studio in Airdrie for practice, when the show must go on, they may freeze. Stage fright is very common, and if you…Read More

  2. The Dos and Don’ts of Dance

    When you come to our dance studio in Airdrie, we want your success as much as you do. That’s why we would like to make the etiquette of the dance floor very clear before you even take your first dance lesson. If you plan on taking dance classes for a long time, you can set yourself up for success …Read More

  3. Why Young Children Should Learn to Dance

    At Star Bound Dance Company, we are passionate about introducing students to the joyous art of dance. Having spent many years ourselves in dance classes, we know first hand that learning to dance is beneficial to children in a variety of ways, some of which you may not expect. This is why we offer d…Read More

  4. So You Want To Be A Dancer

    So, you want to be a dancer. We don’t blame you. Dance is one of the greatest forms of human expression, and it’s just plain fun! But if you’re not sure where to start your dancing career, Star Bound Dance Company in Airdrie is here to help! Read our quick guide on things to know to become a d…Read More