The SBDC Studio has dropped our mask mandate as of March 1st, 2022.  In preparation for our competitive season we are still asking all students and parents to diligently participate in safe health practices.  Parents are asked to not enter the facility unless necessary and use the parking lot drop off method for bringing their child to class.

We will be continuing to require all students and parents to sanitize when entering and exiting the building.  We will encourage, as always, hand washing, not sharing water bottles or snacks, distancing when possible, and healthy practices within the studio. We will continue to be dedicated to the health and safety of our students and our client’s investment in this dance season.

We ask that any student showing any visible symptoms of any cold, flu, or sickness outside of seasonal allergies or asthma remain at home until the symptoms pass.  We ask that any student or family involved in Covid testing or a Covid case stay at home until they are sure of a negative result.  This is not meant to infringe on anyone’s rights or discriminate against anyone.  It is our intension to protect ALL of our clientele and students and the investment made into a competitive and performance season.

Our studio is known for teamwork, empathy, community spirit, and coming together.  Let’s continue to stay the course and do what we can to keep our community safe and operating!!



REGISTRATION for our 2022-2023 Full Season Program are being accepted by email at

For registration information, class description, and pricing, check out the 2022/2023 FULL DANCE schedule tabs.

We are located at 315-505 Main Street South.  Our studio is part of the Towerlane Mall complex on Main Street in Airdrie.  We are located at the back of the mall behind Safeway and next to the entrance to GoodLife Fitness.

Our studio office is operated and managed by Miss Bliss.  Any questions or inquiries outside of classroom information are handled by her.  To make an inquiry or ask a question simply email  You can also visit our location during open office hours.  Emails sent Thursday-Sunday will be answered by the following Monday.  Open hours for our studio office will always be listed here.


We will be checking emails periodically throughout the summer months but not on a regular weekly schedule.

Registrations are still being accepted for our Fall2022/Spring2023 season and can be emailed to  A list of class options, pricing and registration forms can be found on the FULL DANCE schedule tabs.